About Us

About Us


Why did we start this podcast?

Simple. Week in and out we would constantly be asking each other if we have seen a movie or show. If we had not watched it yet, we would use various points and methods of convincing them to do so and soon.

We aim to entertain you with our conversations and Telemundo-like antics to prompt watch sessions.

Who We Are

Watch OK Please Co-Host - Dan


Appreciator of fine beverages. When Dan is not obsessing over the many things in life he cannot control, he is usually consuming media of some sort. He would like to take this opportunity to thank the universe for burgers, pilsner, indoor plumbing, and people who can think and empathize with their fellow humans. “One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one’s youth.” – Char Aznable
Jason - Co-Host, WOKP Podcast


Jason is a man of many interests, including finance, history, chess, and cinema. But his deepest passion is for donuts. He loves donuts even more than Tina Fey does. Under no circumstances should Jason be left alone with an unattended box of donuts. I’m serious. He’ll say he doesn’t know what happened to the donuts, but it was him.

Jason also loves running. His love of running has nothing to do with donuts. Remember, 2 miles equals 1 donut.

Nayan, Co-Host


As Watch Ok Please’s resident misanthrope, the following things may or may not apply to him:

Whatever that dog is barking at, arguing about things of absolutely no consequence, the Internal Revenue Code, creating useless podcasts

Has Opinions About
Movies, Television, Music, Beer

Does Not Have
Opinions About

Office Supplies, Glassware, Propane and Propane Accessories (but thinks King of the Hill is criminally underrated)


Scott, Co-Host


Hi there. I have been to DragonCon twice, and I look forward to going again when we can actually do that. I like both the Trek and Wars kinds of Star, and I’m hopeful for Wars’ future after the Mandolorian which was really cool. In addition to scifi/fantasy media I try to keep a variety of interests including going to all kinds of museums and playing curling- you know, the ice sport with brooms and stones? Believe me, it’s quite fun to play.