Episode # 83: WOKP on Speed: Jason’s Lyric

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Episode # 83: WOKP on Speed: Jason's Lyric

This week, we channel our inner Keanus as part of winding down the podcast for the time being.

Since we each had a bunch of stuff on our lists left to pitch, we turned each of the last three episodes of the pod into an LA County bus where each one of us gets our own episode where we have a couple minutes to pitch/discuss the rest of the shows or movies on our lists or the pod explodes.

Welcome to Watch OK Please on Speed.

Jason’s Pitch List:

  1. Altered Carbon
  2. Narcos
  3. Billions
  4. Daybreakers
  5. Master and Commander
  6. Warrior
  7. Kara and Nate
  8. Station 11
  9. The Kingdom
  10. Logan Lucky
  11. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  12. Pointless and Countdown
  13. Dangal
  14. Godless
  15. Wednesday
  16. The Menu

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