Episode # 84: WOKP on Speed: Nayan to 5

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Episode # 84: WOKP on Speed: Nayan to 5

This week, we channel our inner Keanus as part of winding down the podcast for the time being.

Since we each had a bunch of stuff on our lists left to pitch, we turned each of the last three episodes of the pod into an LA County bus where each one of us gets our own episode where we have a couple minutes to pitch/discuss the rest of the shows or movies on our lists or the pod explodes.

Welcome to Watch OK Please on Speed.

Nayan’s Pitch List:

  1. Bloods

  2. Preacher

  3. Baskets

  4. Difficult People

  5. This Way Up

  6. Deadbeat

  7. Claws

  8. Fosse/Verdon

  9. Pen15

  10. Bojack Horseman

  11. Sacred Games

  12. Lady Dynamite

  13. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  14. Feel Good

  15. American Vandal

  16. One Day at a Time (reboot)

  17. Great News

  18. Q-Force

  19. Black Monday

  20. I Love That For You

  21. On Becoming A God In Central Florida

  22. Ziwe

  23. Kevin Can F*ck Himself

  24. AP Bio

  25. Rutherford Falls

  26. Girls5Eva


  28. Talk Show The Game Show

  29. Harley Quinn

  30. Chad

  31. The Righteous Gemstones

  32. Ten Year Old Tom

  33. Stath Lets Flats

  34. The Other Two

  35. Detroiters

  36. High Fidelity

  37. Review

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